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Repair Status

Login to iMobile RepairDesk portal. You can book in repairs, and check the repair status here.

Invoice & Credit Summary

Check you invoices, credits and upfront payments.

You can generate order summary statements and tax report here.

Multiple Shops - One Account

Add one email for each shop. Carts are separated, and all bills will be in the same account.

Contact 0452238927 if you want this feature.

Find Model of a Phone

Don't know which model a phone is?

Find it here.

Or use google lens.

How to Use Store Credit

Currently store credit does not automatically apply at checkout.

If there's a store credit outstanding in your account, choose "Use Store Credit" as payment method at checkout. We will email a new invoice.

Buyback & Exchange Price

We cover shipping for back back / exchange value $1000. Include a copy of shipping cost receipt in the box to get shipping credit.

Check price list here.


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