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Apple Lcd Buy Back Price Gst Inc

Models A GradeB GradeC GradeD Grade
iPhone 15 Pro Max $250$190$110$60
iPhone 15 Pro $200$150$90$50
iPhone 15 Plus $160$110$80$40
iPhone 15$110$80$50$30
iPhone 14 Pro Max $250$180$100$60
iPhone 14 Pro $200$140$80$50
iPhone 14 Plus $85$65$35$25
iPhone 14$75$45$25$15
iPhone 13 Pro Max$200$160$90$50
iPhone 13 Pro$145$100$70$40
iPhone 13 $45$25$15$10
iPhone 13 Mini$65$40$30$15
iPhone 12 Pro Max$75$40$20$10
iPhone 12 Pro$35$15$10$5
iPhone 12 $35$15$10$5
iPhone 12 Mini$45$30$20$15
iPhone 11 Pro Max$35$20$15$10
iPhone 11 Pro$25$15$10$5
iPhone 11$5$5$2$2
iPhone XS Max$40$30$20$10
iPhone XS $25$10$10$5
iPhone XR$5$5$2$2
iPhone X$20$20$10$5
iPhone 8 Plus$5$5$2$2
iPhone 8 $2$2$1$1
iPhone 7 Plus $4$4$2$2
iPhone 7 $1$1$1$1
iPhone 6S Plus$3$3$2$2
iPhone 6S $1$1$1$1
iPhone 6 Plus$2$2$1$1
Models A Grade B Grade 
iPad Air 2$20$15
iPad Air 3$30$20
iPad Air 4 (10.9)$25$10
iPad Air 5$20$10
iPad Mini 4$15$10
iPad Mini 5$20$15
iPad Mini 6$30$20
iPad Pro 9.7$15$5
iPad Pro 10.5$35$20
iPad Pro 11 2020$20$10
iPad 12.9 2015$20$10
iPad 12.9 2017$100$25
iPad 12.9 2018$25$15
iPad 12.9 2020$25$15
iPad 12.9 2021$40$25
iPad 12.9 2022$40$25

Samsung Lcd Buy Back Price Gst Inc

S Series
Models A Grade B GradeC GradeD Grade
S23 Ultra (S918)$150$80$50$20
S23+ (S916)$65$45$20$10
S23 (S911)$65$45$20$10
S22 Ultra (S908)$145$80$50$20
S22+ (S906)$55$35$20$10
S22 (S901)$55$35$20$10
S21 Ultra (G998)$115$65$45$20
S21+ (G996)$55$35$15$5
S21 (G991)$55$35$15$5
S21 FE (G990)$45$25$15$5
S20 Ultra (G988)$105$70$40$20
S20+ (G985)$70$50$30$15
S20 (G981)$70$50$30$15
S20 FE (G781)$45$30$15$15.00
S10 5G (G977)$80$55$25$10
S10+ (G975)$95$55$30$10
S10 (G973)$80$60$30$10
S10E (G970)$35$25$10$5
S10 Lite (G770)$10$5$2$1
S9+ (G965)$50$35$15$5
S9  (G960)$30$20$10$5
S8 + (G955)$45$25$10$5
S8 (G950)$35$20$10$5
S8 Active (G892)$10$5$2$1
S7 Active (G891)$10$5$2$1
S7 Edge (G935)$20$10$5$2
S7 (G930)$10$5$2$1
Fold & Flip Series
Models A Grade B Grade C Grade D Grade 
Fold (F900)$110$70$40$20
Fold (F900) Outer$13$10$5$2
Fold 2 (F916)$165$110$70$40
Fold 2 (F916) Outer$30$20$10$5
Fold 3 (F926)$190$150$80$50
Fold 3 (F926) Outer$45$25$15$10
Fold 4 (F936)$200$150$90$50
Fold 4 (F936) Outer$45$30$20$10
Fold 5 (F946)$200$150$90$50
Fold 5 (F946) Outer$45$30$20$10
Flip  (F700)$60$40$20$10
Flip 3 (F711)$100$60$30$20
Flip 4 (F721)$140$100$60$40
Flip 5 (F731)$140$100$60$40
Note Series
Models A Grade B Grade C Grade D Grade 
Note 20 Ultra (N986)$160$90$70$30
Note 20 ( N981)$65$55$30$10
Note 10+ (N975)$120$80$60$30
Note 10 (N970)$95$65$35$20
Note 10 Lite (N770)$20$15$10$5
Note 9 (N960)$75$55$35$10
Note 8 (N950)$65$45$25$5
Note 5 (N920)$2$2$1$1
Note 4 ( N910)$2$2$1$1
A Series
Models A Grade B Grade C Grade D Grade 
A920 (A9 2018)$20$15$10$5
A908 (A90 5G)$25$20$10$5
A900 (A9 2016)$25$20$10$5
A805 ( A80)$25$20$10$5
A750 ( A7 2018)$20$15$10$5
A730 (A8+)$20$15$10$5
A725 (A72)$20$15$10$5
A720 (A7 2017)$20$15$10$5
A716 (A71 5G)$25$20$10$5
A715 (A71)$25$20$10$5
A710 (A7 2016)$20$15$10$5
A705 (A70)$25$20$10$5
A700 (A7)$10$5$5$2
A605 (A6+)$10$5$5$2
A600 (A6 2018)$10$5$5$2
A536 (A53 5G)$20$15$10$5
A336 (A33 5G)$20$15$10$5
A530 (A8 2018)$15$10$5$2
A526/528 (A52/A52s 5G)$30$20$10$5
A525 (A52 4G)$30$20$10$5
A520 (A5 2017)$15$10$5$2
A516 (A51 5G)$20$15$10$5
A515 (A51)$20$15$10$5
A510 (A5 2016)$15$10$5$2
A505 (A50)$20$15$10$5
A500 (A5)$2$2$1$1
A426 (A42 5G)$20$15$10$5
A415 (A41)$20$15$10$5
A405 (A40)$20$15$10$5
A325 (A32 4G)$20$15$10$5
A320 (A3 2017)$2$2$1$1
A315 (A31)$20$15$10$5
A310 (A3 2016)$20$15$10$5
A305 (A30)$20$15$10$5
A30S (A307)$20$15$10$5
A225 (A22 4G)$20$15$10$5
A205 (A20)$2$2$1$1
J810 (J8)$20$15$10$5
J730 (J7 2017)$20$15$10$5
J710 (J7 2016)$15$10$5$2
J701 (J7 Core)$2$2$1$1
J700 (J7)$15$10$5$2

Google Pixel Lcd Buy Back Price Gst Inc

Models A Grade B Grade C Grade D Grade 
Pixel 3A$5$3$1$1
Pixel 3A XL$5$3$1$1
Pixel 4A$15$10$5$1
Pixel 4A 5G$10$5$3$1
Pixel 4 XL$10$5$3$1
Pixel 5$30$20$10$5
Pixel 5A$40$20$10$5
Pixel 6$40$20$10$5
Pixel 6A$20$10$5$3
Pixel 6 Pro$70$50$25$10
Pixel 7$35$25$10$5
Pixel 7 Pro$40$25$10$5
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